Universal Delight & Memorial Foundation

UDMF is a caritative association based in Kathmandu Nepal that brings help to needy and vulnerable children through education and awareness campaigns.

Why ? Situation In Nepal

The earthquake of April 2015 has wreaked havoc upon the habitants and the economy in Nepal. In the countryside, landslides have left many families homeless and have deprived bread-owners of their only source of revenues – crops - thus paving the way to a massive rural exodus. As a consequence, urban migration has surged, further increasing the price of property in cities, already affected by destructions due to the earthquake. As a result, many families have no other choice than sharing tiny flats in precarious buildings, deemed unfit to host residents. Following the earthquake, many village-dwellers have taken menial jobs in cities. Children are often compelled to give a hand to their parents, who can't afford housings and the bare necessities of life.

Our Story

Silu and Laxman, founders of the center, started by teaching to children from the streets of Kathmandu before launching their own project and creating a center that would provide help to young people before they are taken out of school and start working in the informal economy. Their idea is to make prevention a priority. From that their created the center in 2018 and were officialy recognized by the government in 2019.

The center

The center, located in the heart of Kathmandu, just next to Durbar Square, has three classes: one for students from Kindergarten to class 2, another one for students from 3 to 5 classes and a senior class for students attending classes above 5. There is one teacher for each class. Another big room is dedicated to extra-activities (dance, paintings, movie projections...). We count for now 77 children registered in our center and 3 teachers who works all the year long for the center.