Our action plan

Our works

Children's enrolment

Destitute children are found with the collaboration of local schools. The founders of the center work hand in hand with teaching staff to identify children missing classes, in order to offer them help. Children who benefit from the help of the center come from low-income families. Most live in the area of the center. They attend different public schools.

Activities at the center

Children registered at the center come in the morning before school (from 7 am to 9 am) and in the afternoon (from 4 pm to 6 pm). The first hour is dedicated to homework: teachers provide help to each student turn by turn. In the second hour, lessons are given according to a schedule defined before the beginning of the month. Each week is dedicated to a subject: either English, Nepali, mathematics or science. A written test is given every week to assess the understanding and the progress of each child. On Friday, extra activities are conducted to give children an insight into hot topics or just to let them have a break and express themselves: they do paper-works, play games, take dancing lessons or take part in awareness programs. On holidays, outings to the zoo, to the museum, etc... are sometimes organized.

Families' follow-up

The aim of the center is to allow children to realize their potential in the best conditions possible and provide families with a follow-up of their children. Therefore, teachers call out the names of students to check who is coming and who is not and they have access to pupils’ marks at school. The founders of the center regularly pay a visit to families to discuss with parents of the well-being of the kids and apprehend their background. In the future, they want to offer jobless parents formations to bring long-term revenues.